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Travel along the "sunny beach." Luxury Real Estate Costa del Sol
Golf courses and world-class magic parks, well-known yacht clubs and fashionable restaurants, unspoiled beaches, sun-drenched 11 months of the year - these are the attributes of this southern living on the Costa del Sol.
España. 12 costas, 12 oportunidades para encontrar la felicidad
Los estilos arquitectónicos, las opciones de los precios inmobiliarios, la infraestructura, el estado de ánimo ... En cada una de las 12 costas españolas Costa que cuenta ... Con el fin de elegir las vacaciones perfectas y la vida, tienes que sentir el espíritu de las ciudades acogedoras y limpias, las provincias españolas.
"Star", en España, o cómo llegar a ser un vecino de Cristiano Ro
Celebrity Real Estate en España A principios de 2014 España se unió a la lista de los países más atractivos para la adquisición de la propiedad. Y ya que los compradores a menudo no actúan ciudadanos de a pie, y las estrellas de clase mundial. ¿Quién en realidad cayó bajo el embrujo del flamenco y la fiesta?


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S: 83m2 Bedrooms, : 2



€ 85 000

Apartamento segunda linia Playa Los Locos
S: 35m2 Bedrooms, : 1

Apartamento segunda linia Playa Los Locos


€ 42 500


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This spacious apartment with lateral sea views is an orientation where you can enjoy a breakfast on its glazed terrace enjoying the smell of the sea and the sea breeze, its bedrooms with closets are bright and fully equipped. The kitchen has enough space to cook freely and in your living room with large space is the perfect place or for rest days. It is located on Fuensanta street 4 blocks from the beach of the priest and all the services offered in the area.. . Torrevieja, located next to the sea, to the south of the Valencian Community, is surrounded by two large saltwater natural lagoons that make up the well-known `` Salinas de Torrevieja'', considered the most productive in Europe.. . 47Kms. of Alicante, capital of the province, and 35Kms. of the airports of Altet and Corvera, has stood out for its transformation in recent years as a tourist center of the first order in the Mediterranean. To its climate, very dry, regular throughout the year, with 360 days of sun and 18 ºC on average, it is joined by characteristics as cozy and attractive as its magnificent beaches of fine sand, squares, walks, parks, gardens, natural landscapes , great historical-artistic monuments (early modernist casino with its famous Mozarabic-style lounge, the Salt Age precinct), both in the city and in its area of influence.. . All this surrounded by innumerable services dedicated to tourism, hand in hand with a hospitable society, simple and open to the cultures of the world thanks to its enormous seafaring tradition of cabotage, fishing and sports. Not in vain, Torrevieja was the seat of the most important sailing fleet in the Mediterranean, conserving the last specimens until the middle of the decade of this century. Its multiple urbanizations, residential places and recreational areas are, in short, proof of the proven tourist guarantee, fostered by the outstanding preference of world tourism.. . Among the many possibilities for leisure, recreation, fun, etc ..., this city makes available to all who visit one of the best yacht clubs in Spain, tennis club, golf clubs, aeroclub, municipal sports complex (tracks covers, tennis, racquetball, athletics, sauna ...) as well as its specialty, par excellence, is everything related to water sports, presenting unbeatable facilities that have even hosted Olympic tests for 92, with more than 1,500 mooring points with its corresponding complementary offer. It also has: municipal soccer stadium, aquatic amusement park, fair of attractions, theater, numerous cinemas, etc.. .
€ 77 000



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