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Travel along the "sunny beach." Luxury Real Estate Costa del Sol
Golf courses and world-class magic parks, well-known yacht clubs and fashionable restaurants, unspoiled beaches, sun-drenched 11 months of the year - these are the attributes of this southern living on the Costa del Sol.
España. 12 costas, 12 oportunidades para encontrar la felicidad
Los estilos arquitectónicos, las opciones de los precios inmobiliarios, la infraestructura, el estado de ánimo ... En cada una de las 12 costas españolas Costa que cuenta ... Con el fin de elegir las vacaciones perfectas y la vida, tienes que sentir el espíritu de las ciudades acogedoras y limpias, las provincias españolas.
"Star", en España, o cómo llegar a ser un vecino de Cristiano Ro
Celebrity Real Estate en España A principios de 2014 España se unió a la lista de los países más atractivos para la adquisición de la propiedad. Y ya que los compradores a menudo no actúan ciudadanos de a pie, y las estrellas de clase mundial. ¿Quién en realidad cayó bajo el embrujo del flamenco y la fiesta?


The current economic situation in Europe and the particular vulnerability of the economic market and Spanish Real Estate Appraisal, make Spain an attractive potential for foreign investors wishing to acquire property in it.

The climate, the lifestyle, the beaches, but most affordable prices for the other countries, allow the other EU citizens make their own plans on our land. At a time when access to credit is really complicated for Spanish, difficulties to buy a property in Spain as a foreigner are few.

The fall in the price of housing in Spain, 13.7% on average in 2012, according to the National Institute Statistical-tray has been foreign to this investment and are increasingly those who buy homes in our country. According to the General Council of Notaries, in 2012 home sales to nonresident in Spain increased by 28.4% over the previous year.

British, Russian, French, Norwegian, Belgian, German and Italian are, in this order, who show more current interest in buying a home in Spain, especially in coastal areas, not forgetting the community Chinese acquires majority floors in large cities (Madrid, Barcelona, etc ...).

The purchase of a home in Spain by a nonresident is a fairly simple process. You only need to have the NIE (Foreigner Identification Number). This is a personal number sole and exclusive sequential nature and is essential for any kind of financial transaction in our country (from opening a bank account to buy a house).

The NIE is granted automatically by the Directorate General of Police to foreigner who will initiate a process administrative, but can also be requested provided acknowledgment of the reason for the request. This request may be made from outside of Spain, through the embassy or consulate, or from our country, going to a foreign office or a police station.

Once requested and obtained the NIE, the nonresident in Spain can start buying housing. It is not mandatory to hold a bank account in Spain, although recommended. All taxes and expenses associated with the purchase of a home must be paid in Spain and the fact have a bank account facilitates the process.

Spanish banks offer financing to foreign residents in Spain without any problems. 

There are also mortgages designed exclusively your, such as Sun Morgage mortgage ICU that offers an interest rate of 4.95% during the first twelve months Euribor +2.80% and the rest of the loan. The maximum funding for this loan is 70% and the repayment term is 30 years with an arrangement fee 1%.


New offers

Apartamentos Luxury apartments 250m from the beach in Torreviejade Lujo 250m de la playa en Torrevieja
S: 99m2 Land, : 10m2 Bedrooms, : 2

Apartamentos Luxury apartments 250m from the beach in Torreviejade Lujo 250m de la playa en Torrevieja


€ 118 000

Modern urbanization with pool Playa del Cura in Torrevieja
S: 67m2 Land, : 5m2 Bedrooms, : 2

Modern urbanization with pool Playa del Cura in Torrevieja


€ 99 900

Modern new apartment 150 m from Los Locos Beach in Torrevieja
S: 75m2 Land, : 5m2 Bedrooms, : 2

Modern new apartment 150 m from Los Locos Beach in Torrevieja


€ 139 900