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Travel along the "sunny beach." Luxury Real Estate Costa del Sol
Golf courses and world-class magic parks, well-known yacht clubs and fashionable restaurants, unspoiled beaches, sun-drenched 11 months of the year - these are the attributes of this southern living on the Costa del Sol.
España. 12 costas, 12 oportunidades para encontrar la felicidad
Los estilos arquitectónicos, las opciones de los precios inmobiliarios, la infraestructura, el estado de ánimo ... En cada una de las 12 costas españolas Costa que cuenta ... Con el fin de elegir las vacaciones perfectas y la vida, tienes que sentir el espíritu de las ciudades acogedoras y limpias, las provincias españolas.
"Star", en España, o cómo llegar a ser un vecino de Cristiano Ro
Celebrity Real Estate en España A principios de 2014 España se unió a la lista de los países más atractivos para la adquisición de la propiedad. Y ya que los compradores a menudo no actúan ciudadanos de a pie, y las estrellas de clase mundial. ¿Quién en realidad cayó bajo el embrujo del flamenco y la fiesta?

Residence permit

Today the purchase of any property in Spain - this is a serious step that requires a certain amount of investment investment. Given the current situation in the property market, a decrease in property prices in Spain, low mortgage rates, and as a consequence - a moderate payment on a typical mortgage loan, draws a very favorable outlook for homeowners. According to the latest data of the National Statistics Institute analysts, if this trend will continue in the same positive way, the number of new mortgages issued will be increased compared to the previous period year on year, and this will be a strong support for the Spanish property market.
However, it is worth noting that if you are the owner of any property situated in the territory of Spain, it does not give you the right to present freely obtain a residence permit in Spain. Many agencies in the territory of Russia, ready to save you from the "extra" hassle associated with a residence permit, and without delay, take the case. But here, as in any other case, it is necessary to be extremely careful and cautious. The process of obtaining a residence permit is enough time and requires a lot of effort and patience, so do not trust organizations whose promises are as empty assurances "to make fast and as soon as possible."
At the moment, there are the following types of residence permits:
The residence permit for citizens of retirement age. If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation and arrange in a property subject to property in Spain, you have the right to obtain a residence permit in this country if the document that get in the convertible currency annuity, paid, or public or private company . Thus, to obtain a residence permit you will need:

  • Valid passport and photocopies of all pages
  • About 3 + color photos, size 2x3
  • The internal passport + photocopies of all pages
  • The criminal record
  • Certificate of availability of sufficient funds for their stay in Spain over the estimated time
  • Medical insurance for all kinds of help for asylum
  • The presence in the ownership of real estate in Spain

All submitted documents must be translated and then notarized at the Consulate General of Spain.
Residence permit (without the right to work) by opening accounts in the Spanish banks. To obtain a residence by opening an account at a Spanish bank, you must have cash in the amount of not less than 75 million euros in a bank account for each family member, as well as regular contributions to it from abroad. Including the need to have a property in Spain.
Residence permits by opening their own business or buying existing companies in Spain. To obtain a residence on the basis of ownership of their own enterprise petitioner must obtain a visa applicant for residence in Spain as an employee of a private organization. An obligatory condition is also hiring two or more Spaniards.
The next step will be the resolution of the Ministry of Labour of Spain on the basis of the facts confirm the success of the company, timely and regular payment of taxes, as well as existing business plan, certified by specially authorized organizations in Spain and the accounts of the bank, necessary for the implementation of this type of activity.
The apparent inconsistencies in the process of obtaining a residence permit on the basis of starting a business in Spain is visible to the naked eye. On the one hand, you have not got the right to work in the country, but are allowed to work in their own enterprise. On the other hand, the company needs to operate successfully and pay taxes. But do not forget that buying property in Spain, you can get a guaranteed annual multivisa. This means that you can stay on the territory of Spain, 180 days a year, or more precisely 90 days every six months. During this time, you can organize the work of the enterprise and provide documentation to the Ministry of Labour with a request to issue a residence as a private entrepreneur, based on the evidence supporting the viability of the enterprise.
For multiple entry you will need:

  • Valid passport and photocopies of all pages
  • About 3 + color photos
  • The internal passport + photocopies of all pages
  • Health insurance
  • Certificate of Title
  • Extract from the Register of ownership (Nota Simple). After buying a property in Spain Iberius company will gladly help you to get insurance and get a statement from the Register property.

Given that the rules for the submission of documents to the Consulate and the Department of Immigration in Spain is constantly changing, all provided information is used to get a general impression and understanding of the process and timing of obtaining a residence permit in Spain.


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Apartamentos Luxury apartments 250m from the beach in Torreviejade Lujo 250m de la playa en Torrevieja


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