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Travel along the "sunny beach." Luxury Real Estate Costa del Sol
Golf courses and world-class magic parks, well-known yacht clubs and fashionable restaurants, unspoiled beaches, sun-drenched 11 months of the year - these are the attributes of this southern living on the Costa del Sol.
España. 12 costas, 12 oportunidades para encontrar la felicidad
Los estilos arquitectónicos, las opciones de los precios inmobiliarios, la infraestructura, el estado de ánimo ... En cada una de las 12 costas españolas Costa que cuenta ... Con el fin de elegir las vacaciones perfectas y la vida, tienes que sentir el espíritu de las ciudades acogedoras y limpias, las provincias españolas.
"Star", en España, o cómo llegar a ser un vecino de Cristiano Ro
Celebrity Real Estate en España A principios de 2014 España se unió a la lista de los países más atractivos para la adquisición de la propiedad. Y ya que los compradores a menudo no actúan ciudadanos de a pie, y las estrellas de clase mundial. ¿Quién en realidad cayó bajo el embrujo del flamenco y la fiesta?


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S: 83m2 Bedrooms, : 2



€ 85 000

Apartamento segunda linia Playa Los Locos
S: 35m2 Bedrooms, : 1

Apartamento segunda linia Playa Los Locos


€ 42 500

country villa with panoramic views of 360 degrees in Sucina

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Villa in Sucina area PINADA SAN PEDRO , 90 m . surface , 1800 m . plot , 50 m2 terrace, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, seminueva property, fitted kitchen, south facing , tiled floor , exterior carpentry .. . Ideal for enjoying nature and proximity to the city of Murcia, San Javier and Cartagena with easy communication by the highway home.. . If you are thinking about buying your property at the best and cheapest prices, do not look further.. We are specialist in the area of Costa Blanca.. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and we will be always pleased to assist you.. Our company and professionals are constantly working hard in the field of real estate to obtain the best opportunities in our beautiful Costa Blanca.. We manage a large portfolio of properties with great discounts that we are eager to show you and to share with you.. We invite you to visit our website www.solocasiones.com. Just let us know your requirements and we will find your next investment, dream property or holiday home at a price that suits your budget.. Do not look further and contact us should you wish nice quality properties at the most adjusted prices in the Spanish market.. You do not even to be worried about your accommodation or taking taxis by the airports. We will take care of all your needs during your stay in Spain.
€ 199 999



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